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Your Rights

Your Rights2020-06-30T23:57:03+00:00

Your Rights

your_rightsInvestacorp believes clients should understand what to expect in a relationship with a registered representative and their Broker-Dealer. Relationships are made stronger when all parties involved are familiar with their entitlements as well as their responsibilities.

With that in mind, please spend a few moments reading the following explanation of your rights and responsibilities as an Investacorp client. Our hope is that the following section will help you ask better questions and ultimately make better financial decisions, along with assistance provided by your Investacorp financial professional.

Investor Rights

High quality products and services. Investors have a right to expect a wide variety of high quality products and services. Investacorp does not impose product specific sales quotas on our financial professionals. You have a right to be presented with suitable product selections based on your unique circumstances.
Courtesy and respect. In our fast paced society, common courtesy is often sacrificed in the name of efficiency. Not at Investacorp. You can expect to be treated with courtesy and respect from your financial professional and all other personnel associated with our firm.

A competent and professional financial professional. Investors can expect to work with a competent financial professional, appropriately securities licensed with FINRA. You have a right to ask your financial professional about their work history and background. You also have a right to contact FINRA and/or your state securities agency to verify their employment and obtain additional information about their work history.

Investment recommendations based on your needs and objectives. Investacorp financial professionals are responsible for knowing the important financial needs and objectives of their clients. Investors should be provided with responsible investment recommendations based on their objectives, time horizon, risk tolerance and other factors they disclose.

Disclosure of risks. All financial products have some level of risk associated with their purchase. You have a right to ask for and receive an explanation of the risks, costs, as well as benefits of the financial products purchased through your Investacorp financial professional.

A full explanation of Investacorp’s privacy policies. Investacorp has the highest regard for the privacy of its clients. Investors have a right to have a complete explanation of our policies regarding the privacy of non-public and personal information. Information about a client’s financial situation will be kept in confidence.

Explanation of commissions and fees. Investors have a right to know the commissions and fees associated with their account.
Consideration of concerns. Investors have the right to fair consideration and a prompt response from Investacorp should a problem or concern arise regarding their account.

Efficient transactions. Investors have a right to have their transactions executed on a timely basis, at the available price, with prompt reports or statements.

Investor Responsibilities

Do your homework and your reading. Investing is serious business, and the time committed to better understanding your investment choices is time well spent. Sales literature, prospectuses and other offering documents, when applicable, should be read by the investor before making financial product purchases. In the event you do not receive a prospectus for an investment, you should request one.

Full disclosure. Investors need to be forthcoming about their financial affairs. Only by providing accurate and complete information about your financial status, goals, risk tolerance, etc. can suitable recommendations be provided.
Review account statements. Investors should promptly and carefully review all trade confirmations and account statements, and report any errors to their financial professional immediately.

Understanding relationship between risk and return. Investors should understand the correlation that exists between risk and reward. Additionally, all investments carry some degree of risk, and that it is possible to lose money on any investment.
Cash available in the account. Investors should have cash or available margin buying power in their brokerage account for the payment of the purchase of securities, prior to the settlement date.

Payment for transactions. Payment for securities transactions should be made payable to the appropriate clearing firm, or in the case of a non-brokerage account direct purchases, the investment company listed on the account application for the transaction in question. Do not make checks payable to the financial professional or any other company.

Questions about your account. Investors should promptly bring problems or questions concerning their account to the firm or financial professional.

Legal and tax advice. Investacorp does not render specific legal or tax advice. Financial professionals are often familiar with the tax and legal implications of various investment decisions; however, clients should seek out the advice of a tax professional or lawyer, as appropriate.

Communicate any change in financial circumstances. Investors should promptly alert their financial professional to any changes in their financial and personal circumstances. These changes may include any event that would impact a client’s investment objective, risk tolerance, income, net worth, investment time horizon, liquidity needs or other relevant factors.