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Investacorp Launches Virtual Personal Assistant Program

Investacorp Launches Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) Program to Reduce Financial Advisor Administrative Task Loads & Enhance Advisor Productivity and Overall Lifestyle

New Service Also Provides an Avenue for Financial Advisor Assistants to Outsource Projects, Freeing Them to Provide More Direct Client Care, Ultimately Helping Advisors Scale Their Practices



After a successful beta test, Investacorp financial advisors are now eligible to utilize Investacorp’s Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) program.

The goal of the VPA program is to free up an advisor’s day, enabling them to spend more meaningful time with clients and develop their practice. The key role of a VPA is to eliminate the daily administrative tasks that drain an advisor’s time.

Essentially, advisors can easily delegate many operational responsibilities to another member of the Investacorp family. VPAs are highly skilled service specialists who have undergone extensive training in Investacorp’s procedures and technologies.

All VPAs are based in the home office and are Investacorp employees, eliminating the need for advisors to hire directly and provide benefits.

“Our five-month beta testing began September 2018 with an initial five advisory practices participating,” said Leslie Vigil, Investacorp’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “Throughout the process the home office received overwhelming positive feedback from all participants. The key reason for our early success is that our team of VPAs is extensively trained in regards to Investacorp’s procedures and are efficient at both administrative and operational tasks, making it easy for advisors to delegate with confidence.”



Core VPA Services Include:

  • New Account Paperwork
  • Account Opening
  • Notification/Action Needed, Follow Up & Resolution
  • CRM Data Entry
  • Change of Dealer & ACAT Follow Up
  • Account Maintenance
  • Compliance Marketing Submission & Follow Up
  • Document Scanning
  • One-Time Projects
  • Special Projects



Fee Structure

The VPA program is structured as a subscription service, whereby advisors are billed a monthly subscription rate for the hours needed. What’s more, there are no monthly commitments, enabling advisors to navigate business seasonality. Furthermore, advisors may carry over 10 unused hours from month to month.

“What I like most about the VPA program is that Investacorp advisors can utilize our team as much or as little as they need with no long-term commitments,” said Vigil. “Therefore, if you’re an advisor struggling to free up your time, it makes sense to try the program, even for a month or two to see how it’ll work for your practice. All of our beta testers have been pleasantly surprised.”



VPA Team Members

Investacorp’s growing VPA team is led by VPA Program Manager Jessica Chano. She has been employed with Investacorp for 20 years. Additional members include Janine Teran, Business Development Coordinator-VPA Program, and Cynthia Levi, VPA Program Associate.

Patrick Farrell, President and CEO of Investacorp, said, “Investacorp is fully committed to helping our advisors grow their practices. We understand advisors want and need to spend more time with clients, rather than on administrative issues. Therefore, we take our role seriously in helping advisors alleviate operational tasks from their daily activities. The VPA initiative is one of the many services Investacorp advisors can capitalize on in order to operate their practices in an efficient way alongside a reputable in-house team possessing deep relevant experience.”



For more information regarding Investacorp’s VPA program, please contact:

Jessica Chano
VPA Program Manager
O: 305-557-3000 ext. 215
E: jchano@investacorp.com



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