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Investacorp Advisors Gain Access to MyRepChat Texting App

Investacorp Advisors Gain Access to MyRepChat Texting App

Fully Compliant, Easily Imports Contacts & Archives to CRM


Investacorp, Inc. announced the rollout of the MyRepChat SMS text messaging service application, enabling its family of more than 500 independent financial advisors located throughout the U.S. to communicate via text with clients and prospects in a fully-compliant environment.

The MyRepChat text messaging service seamlessly integrates with popular CRM programs, including Redtail, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and many others. Furthermore, all text messaging is encrypted and archived through Erado, a leading archiving and content security provider to regulated industries across the globe.


Responsive Client Communication Channels

Marcus Arneaud, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer of Investacorp, said, “Today’s investor wants to text their advisor. In fact, for most of our advisors’ clients, checking their mobile device is the first thing they do in the morning. Therefore, it’s our duty to provide reliable and responsive customer communication channels that enable our advisors to communicate using the method most preferred by their clients. After a thorough due diligence, we’ve successfully accomplished this by aligning with MyRepChat. Today, Investacorp advisors can proactively communicate with clients and prospects through text, knowing they’re capturing the documentation required by FINRA and the SEC through the MyRepChat app, all while providing more immediate and, therefore, superior client service.”



MyRepChat Features Overview:

In an effort to keep advisors’ personal text messaging separate from their practices, MyRepChat enables advisors to utilize an existing business landline number so only business communication is captured and archived by Erado. However, if advisors choose not to use a landline number, MyRepChat will create a new text number chosen by the advisor and auto-forward all calls to that number.

Furthermore, advisors can expedite client referrals by using MyRepChat’s electronic business card (vCard) forwarding capabilities, whereby clients can easily forward an advisor’s contact information.

Other Texting Features Include:

  • Individual & Group Messaging
  • Message Scheduling, e.g., Birthday Text
  • Straightforward Contact Importing From CRM
  • Text Archiving to CRM



Commenting on the new service offering, Investacorp President and CEO Patrick Farrell said, “Investacorp is excited to offer MyRepChat text messaging services to our family of financial advisors. The foundation of enduring client-advisor relationships is open and reliable communication, and texting is an integral component. At Investacorp, we continuously strive to provide our advisors with a comprehensive wealth management toolkit that enables them to compete at the highest level while helping clients achieve their financial goals. MyRepChat provides the operational sophistication that strengthens our advisors’ ability to be part of client conversations at a pace desired by today’s investors.”



For more information, please contact:

Leslie Vigil
Senior Vice President of Business Development
Investacorp, Inc.
O: 305-901-1825


For Financial Professional Use Only

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