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Financial Advisor Kevin J. Daniels Publishes New Book

Financial Advisor Kevin J. Daniels Publishes New Book

A Practical Guide for Building Wealth



Kevin J. Daniels, MBAF is the President of Tribute Financial Inc. and has recently published his first book, A Practical Guide for Building Wealth. Using a no-nonsense approach, his goal is to help others change their attitudes about money, ultimately enabling them to build wealth.

His book is appropriate for individuals experiencing nagging financial feelings. For example, ongoing thoughts about how you should be doing better with your finances, or constant worry that you don’t have enough saved for retirement.



Kevin J. Daniels Book Cover



The Author’s Background

Kevin started his career as an electrical engineer, but quickly fell in love with the world of finance and the independence it creates. Ultimately, he earned a Master in Business Administration and Finance from Lindenwood University. Since then, Kevin has worked as an independent financial advisor for more than 20 years. During this tenure, he’s met with countless individuals, advising each one on the best ways to build wealth regardless of their personal financial situation.

In A Practical Guide for Building Wealth, Kevin has condensed these 20 years of meetings into a book he calls, “a simple, straightforward handbook” on how to think differently about money. His book is jam-packed with real-life examples and clearly explained concepts on how individual investors can change their attitudes about wealth and finances and start seeing the financial success they desire.

It is an easy read and includes such topics as budgeting, borrowing and deciding what you want for your future. Also, he’s provided simple “Try this today” financial tips to get readers started quickly.



Wealth is a Choice

Kevin believes it’s a personal choice to be financially independent, but he realizes it’s hard to filter through all the financial information we have at our fingertips. And it’s even harder to let go of our long-held beliefs about money. He wrote this book to help people change their thinking and get going on the path to a better financial future.

No matter what your financial situation is, Kevin believes you’ll find valuable information in his book that will get you on track to greater wealth. What’s more, he donates all profits to charities that help disadvantaged children.



Reshaping Thoughts About Money

Commenting on Kevin’s new book offering, Investacorp President and CEO Patrick Farrell said, “It has been an honor to work alongside Kevin for so many years. He is an exceptional financial advocate who possesses years of financial wisdom and experience. All of us at Investacorp are delighted that he’s published A Practical Guide for Building Wealth. Kevin has a rare ability to simplify complex topics and help others to define their lifetime goals. His book is certain to reshape how readers think about money, ultimately helping them to achieve their financial goals.”



About Tribute Financial

Tribute Financial is a wealth management and retirement planning firm with approximately $360 million in assets under management. The firm has been affiliated with Investacorp, Inc., an independent advisory and brokerage firm, for more than 18 years. The affiliation enables Tribute Financial to provide individuals and families access to financial management strategies that help build wealth, ultimately helping them achieve their financial goals.

A Practical Guide for Building Wealth may be purchased here.



Author and Financial Advisor Kevin J. Daniels


For more information regarding Kevin’s financial advisory services, please contact:

Kevin J. Daniels, MBAF
Tribute Financial Inc.
O: 203.269.8586




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