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Meet Lena – Jo

Meet Lena – Jo2020-06-30T23:38:47+00:00

Meet Lena – Jo

“To serve clients with passion, respect and honesty,” are the three tenets at the foundation of Downeast Financial. They were taught and ingrained into Lena-Jo Hartley by her late mentor and successor, Michael Poulin. Born and raised in Maine, Lena-Jo began her career at Downeast Financial Group after living and working in Boston for a number of years. She quickly worked her way up the ranks at Downeast and became the company’s top producer, and Michael Poulin’s right-hand woman.

As Lena-Jo puts it, “Michael’s body of work was extensive and I always wanted to carry on his tradition of unselfish service to clients and community.” Upon Michael’s untimely passing, Lena-Jo took over the company and since then, has successfully acquired two more Investacorp practices in the New Hampshire area. Both of these practices were sole proprietors who were searching for someone local, capable enough to handle their client base, and preferably affiliated with Investacorp. In a matter of months, Lena-Jo was able to successfully close both transactions, and as a result, her practice has grown significantly. Investacorp was an integral player in providing assistance to Lena-Jo upon Michael’s untimely death.

“My late mentor’s passing was a difficult time for me personally, but thanks to the valuable strategic guidance I received from Investacorp, my practice has emerged as one of the fastest growing branch offices in the Northeast.”

Another component that has proven to be fruitful is the sharing and partnership with other Investacorp financial professionals nationwide. It has allowed Lena-Jo to think about adding services and expertise from the entire spectrum of wealth management that has enabled her to expand her own practice. Within the last few years, Downeast Financial has brought on new partners in order to position themselves as the preeminent full service financial advisory firm spanning from Maine to New Hampshire, and beyond. This includes a partnership with a fellow Investacorp financial professional who brings his knowledge of equity markets, an attorney who assists with providing legal services to existing clients, as well as an insurance division focusing on the passing of generational wealth.

Lena-Jo is poised to continue enhancing her practice, and will be growing both organically and through acquisition.

“Partnering with Investacorp has given me access to retiring local advisors with succession needs. I now see succession planning as an important part of my vision for expansion.”