Meet Carter Mansbach

A former trader and avid stock watcher, has built a successful financial planning practice in South Florida and is using the same tools and resources that were available to him during his days on Wall Street.  Carter joined Investacorp in late 2011 and cited that one of the reasons that he was intrigued by the firm was the access to investment banking products.

“At most independent firms, unless you have a client with an eight figure account, IPOs and secondaries are simply not available. At Investacorp they are, and that enables my clients to participate in syndicate deals miles away from Wall Street.”

Carter has attributed the uniqueness of his practice from his peers by the investment banking component that Ladenburg offers. It has even won him business over the years.

“Last year I met with a very high net worth investor. He was interested in my philosophy on the stock market, but he wasn’t quite convinced enough to begin doing business with me. I knew I had to go deeper with him and find a way to win him over. I explained that my firm [Investacorp] is owned by the prestigious Ladenburg Thalmann investment bank, and that through them I have the opportunity to take part in IPOs, secondaries, and other products that many other investors would never have the chance to own. He was persuaded to open one account with me and since then, has added a great deal of money for me to manage. Ultimately the investment banking piece is truly an added value and can attract more sophisticated investors to my practice.”

Through his time on Wall Street earlier in his career, Carter was very familiar with Ladenburg’s investment banking history and was introduced to Investacorp by way of Ladenburg.

As Carter comments, “Very few players in this space have the vast history that Ladenburg boasts.” In fact, Ladenburg played an important role in financing the growth of America’s industrial revolution. History aside, Ladenburg has remained very active in the IPO and secondary market space and continues to make inroads throughout their growing independent broker-dealer network.

Carter credits his success on choosing to affiliate with a versatile broker-dealer who understands his practice, and who chooses to foster his growth by providing key resources that help to differentiate his practice. “I have an entrepreneurial spirit that is representative of my broker-dealer. By providing my clients with solutions that fit their needs, I rely on the breadth and depth of services that Investacorp offers.” Carter is just an example of the personalized support that Investacorp provides advisors to help cultivate a successful practice.