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Whether you’re a top-producing advisor or just starting to build a practice, we offer the support you need to scale and grow your business.

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Fast Facts

Want to learn more about us? Get the facts on our company structure, services we offer, operations and payouts.

Investacorp Fast Facts

True Transitions

Thorough preparation goes into every custom adviser transition ensuring zero bottlenecks and maximum control.

The Transition Process

The Broker-Dealer for Entrepreneurs.

Investalink – Your Office Anywhere

The future of financial management is here: Investalink. This remarkable cloud-based system offers the flexibility to open accounts, view aggregated client values, and look at trends and reports 24/7/365 – on a PC or Mac, laptop, tablet, iPad or even a Smart Phone – with an internet connection. All in a safe and secure manner.

See The Top Ten Functions Integrated Into Investalink.


What Makes Us Different: 9 X-Factors

Anyone who runs a competitive business knows the value of having a unique value proposition, sometimes called an X-Factor. It’s what sets you apart in a highly competitive marketplace. Investacorp has nine noteworthy X-Factors that were created with you in mind. Join us, and significantly differentiate your practice in this me-too world of financial advice.